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Fort Mcmurray's Premier Taekwondo Dojang

Founded in 2011. All instructors are World Taekwondo certified black belts.

Instructors at Total Taekwondo are registered with Taekwondo Canada and Taekwondo Alberta.

Total Taekwondo programs are modern and developed around the three spectrums of 

Sport, Fitness, and Self Defense. 


Total Taekwondo provides the highest quality instruction to its students regardless of ability to achieve their greatest potential. Students become stronger in an all inclusive environment.

Taekwondo is a martial art system which practitioners use fast, powerful blocks,strikes

and kicks.Taekwondo's emphasis on kicking and footwork results in students

developing excellent cardiovascular endurance,flexibility, and strength.

Total Taekwondo offers an elite training program in a disciplined environment that is an

excellent choice for children as young as 5 years old. Total Taekwondo students are

living proof that Taekwondo can help increase attentiveness, focus, and self-confidence

of children, while improving their ability to defend themselves or others. Total Taekwondo's

programs are well suited for adults looking to increase their physical fitness with minimal risk of injury. Furthermore, Total Taekwondo provides the excitement and camaraderie that many adults find lacking in health clubs and gyms.


What separates Total Taekwondo from other"martial art schools"

Our school is family run where you are more than a member, you are part of a family. Total Instructors has dedicated themselves to staying on the cutting edge of sports science, and has incorporated many of the most recent developments in training techniques. The instructing team are constantly reviewing their programs and teaching methods with todays standards so each student gains the best possible experience. We teach Taekwondo as way of reaching your full ability. We do not teach you how to fight. We teach you how to defend yourself!


Courtesy     Integrity     Perseverance     Self-Control     Indomitable Spirit

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